Healthier Heart, Longer Life

A multi-specialist facility with, at its heart, a cardiovascular clinic.

Tailored Care

Personalised medical care throughout your consultation, assessment and treatment process


With over 30 years of experience, our interventional cardiologist and consultant offers expert cardiovascular assessment in all branches of cardiovascular medicine.


We are here to improve your quality of life – we want you to live a healthier, longer life despite your cardiovascular issue.

Network of Medical Specialists

Using a four-decade-old medical network, we pull together a strong team of specialists across several branches of medicine to provide the best care possible. Our team consists of leading Nigerian surgeons and consultants trained and practising in Nigeria, U.S. and/or the U.K.

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The DASH Diet for a Nigerian Audience

The DASH diet is more than the average weight loss diet or regimen. It is a healthy lifestyle that is designed to improve your health, fight high blood pressure , lower cholesterol levels, and slow the progression of kidney disease and diabetes....

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LECC is a multi-specialist facility with, at its heart, a cardiology centre focused entirely on the treatment and management of cardiovascular diseases and trigger diseases using both invasive and non-invasive procedures, as well as preventive cardiology. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to treat heart conditions and/or trigger factors without screening, treating, and managing other areas of the body that are connected to the heart. Consequently, our clinic uses an established network of medical specialists across several branches of medicine in order to provide an all-round medical experience for our patients in one place. Read More


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