It is important to encourage our kids to maintain a good amount of physcial activity, which is one of the most important factors for developing a healthy heart.

There are lots of different ways of being physically active, some which are obvious such as playing football at school, and the non-obvious ones like cycling in a safe park or around a residential estate.

Here are some examples on what your child can do:

Everyday activities can include walking or cycling to school, tidying the house, helping out in the garden, and taking on every opportunity to climb stairs.

Recreational activities include playing in the park, going to a dance or exercise class, going on cycle rides, and hiking.

Sports and fitness activities like football, basketball, and netball should be encouraged.

What are your three favorite types of physical activity? Try to pick a sports activity, recreational activity and everyday activity and get active!

Which sport or recreational activity have you always wanted to try that either a friend or family member is involved with?
Speak to them about where the activity is based and how you can take part.