At LECC, we offer a wild array of health assessments to the general public with the sole purpose of preventing and indicating. Having operated on several patients in house, a number that is fast rising, it is increasingly urgent that the public choose prevention over cure. The vast majority of illnesses, deaths and surgeries are caused by Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases and Strokes. Cardiovascular related diseases and complications being number 1.

The most efficient and best way to identify lines along which a patient may need to improve certain medical conditions remains health assessment. It is vital to keep healthy and living long enough to spend valuable time with loved ones.

LECC combines world-class medical, wellness and preventative services and diagnostic equipment in order to create the most comprehensive examination available.

Our Health Assessment Team includes physicians with no less than 40 years experience in health and wellness programmes.

Are you busy .. are you a company wanting to screen applicants and staff .. vaccination .. domestic staff screening .. we understand all these points perfectly well and we are here to help you find the perfect programme.

Our Goal:

  • Quickly identify potential health problems and risks
  • Reduce or eliminate risk factors
  • Facilitate prompt treatment in the event of illness discoveries and potential life threatening issues
  • Lifestyle assessment and advice on good health and wellness (tailored to each individual): nutrition, fitness and stress management
  • Cardiovascular counselling
  • Review of medications¬†

Visit our Comprehensive Health Assessment Page and explore our various programmes available to the general public.