Your Health is Our Priority

From preventive care and checkups, to curative care, immunisations and exams, our primary and secondary care physicians and providers work to keep you and your whole family healthy and strong each and every day.

LECC is a multi-specialist facility with, at its heart, a cardiology centre focused entirely on the treatment and management of cardiovascular diseases and trigger diseases using both invasive and non-invasive procedures, as well as preventive cardiology. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to treat heart conditions and/or trigger factors such as diabetes without screening, treating, and managing other areas of the body that are connected to the heart. Consequently, our clinic also uses the services of medical specialists across several branches of medicine in order to provide an all-round medical experience for our patients in one place. We provide high quality, individualised care for patients who are seeking the best in medical care and health screening.

We have a strong network of experienced specialists in the following branches of medical sciences:

Adult & Paediatric Cardiology


Diet & Nutrition



Cardio Thoracic Surgery

Family Medicine

Clinical Research

Critical Care & Anaesthesiology


Neonatal ICU

General Surgery

Gastroenterology & Endoscopy


Drug therapy, Heart Failure Device Therapy, Cardiac and Vascular Programme, Behavioural Stress Relief Medication, and Nutritional Counselling

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Neurology & Neurosurgery



Laparoscopic Surgery

What Makes Us Different?

Strategy, Innovation, Performance

We provide a state-of-the-art facility as we are committed to delivering technology-driven medical care based on strategy, innovation and, more importantly, performance.

Real-Time Assessment

We own one of Nigeria’s few 4D Echocardiography & 4D Ultrasound that enables our echocardiographers and sonographers to assess the heart and other parts of the body in real-time.


All our patients have an online management account through which they can book appointments, chat with our doctors, update their personal information, and keep up-to-date with their medication. Also, our patients have access to specialist care with same day services available at home and office.

Extra Mile

We are Nigeria’s only cardiovascular clinic that offers Metabolic Exercise Testing, Head Upright Tilt Test, Ankle Brachial Index Test, and a comprehensive cardiac and vascular rehabilitation and wellness programme with practical nutritional and fitness sessions.

Given that LECC is a medical philosophy-and-evidence-based clinic, the following are what defines our underlying operations:

At LECC, we aim to provide the highest quality care while focusing on individualised, patient-led medical experience. We strive for clinical excellence as we want our patients to receive the most innovative and effective treatments, while receiving support in every way possible.

Vision: To become West Africa’s leading cardiovascular centre.

Mission Statement: To operate as a quality world-class patient-oriented cardiac centre that incorporates technological advances and ethical practices at a reasonable cost.

Patient-Centricity: To commit to best outcomes and experience for our patients. Treat patients and their caregivers with compassion, care and understanding. Our patients’ needs always come first.

Philosophy: Our guiding philosophy is that every patient with cardiovascular disease should have access to a world-class standard of quality heart care in Nigeria.

Ethics & Core Values: We work hard to fulfil our ethical principles, which includes Compassion, Dedication, Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, Teamwork and Confidentiality. These core values frame the way in which we operate our clinic and establish our reputation.

Transparency: At LECC, we endeavour to be transparent about the process that goes into our services. As a result, we are the first in Nigeria to introduce a Patient Management System where our patients are made fully aware of the clinic’s practices on their online accounts and the clinic’s website.

Innovation and Research: LECC is more than a clinic. We are innovators, researchers and performance-driven (medical) professionals. We continue researching ways to improve and further develop our services in order to meet patients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Our patients are our foremost concern, and everything we do is with the purpose of making them feel better and valued, and live healthier, longer lives.

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