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Family Medicine

Our family physician is tasked with continuously improving your health needs, addressing depression, prenatal care, cervical cancer screening, obesity, virtual care, and much more in your family. They cater for patients and their families who require continuity of care and round-the-clock access to Family Doctors (also referred to as your Family Physician).

Your Family Doctor offers routine health screenings and counselling on adopting a healthier lifestyle to reduce the occurrence of preventable illnesses like hypertension and diabetes in the long run.

When you need care from other Specialists, your Family Doctor will be there to guide and coordinate all aspects of your care. In a nutshell, your Family Doctor provides you a closer relationship than you may have with a regular GP. The Family Doctor works together with patients to achieve the best possible outcome using the most cost-effective means. 

This team is led by Dr. Kale and Dr. Savage.


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