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Our radiology department is also involved in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.  Our team is particularly important in contributing towards a sound diagnosis. We offer both diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology.

LECC Radiology Department offers a comprehensive range of imaging tests in support of the clinical practices of the hospital. These highly sophisticated imaging services provide our doctors and patients with the most accurate, timely and informative results.


What We Do

  • Digital radiography (general radiography)
  • Fluoroscopy-guided special studies in HSG, IVU, Barium investigations
  • 4D ultrasonography


What We Do

  • Color Doppler
  • General CT investigation –whole body CT
  • CT angiography.

What We Do

  • CT colonography and bronchoscopy
  • CT and ultrasound-guided biopsies
  • Theatre radiography.

Why Choose Us?


  1.  Individualized care and specialty expertise: we provide individualized care for each patient to obtain the highest quality images and ensure the most accurate diagnoses.
  2.  Safety: as some imaging studies require the use of radiation, we always ensure that safety measures are maintained and kept to the highest possible industry standards for you and our medical staff.
  3.  Reliability: we accurately provide the service you require ensuring all parameters are met to deliver the highest quality.
  4.  Responsiveness: we are willing and able to help clients promptly. This includes being able to fit in appointments, doing the required imaging on time and sending the films and report soon after the tests.
  5.  Assurance: you will be comfortable and confident with the service you receive while being comforted that we have your best interests at heart.

Our Team


We have a highly integrated team consisting of radiologists, radiographers, sonographers, nurses and support staff to provide the best patient outcomes.

Our radiologists are the best in the world.

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