Your health team –  Our HAC is led by Dr. Savage, a General Practitioner with over 40 years of medical experience including 18 years of running Lagos’ largest private HAC clinic. Depending on your assessment, your team members may also include certified dietitians, exercise physiologists, cardiologists, and other specialists who blend advanced-diagnostic expertise with the latest in preventive medicine.


We offer different General Health Assessments to suit patients’ and organisations’ circumstances.

Whether you are a business executive, a factory worker, or an oil & gas employee, our different assessments provide the appropriate medical means to evaluate your health, and indicate lines along which you may need to improve in order to optimise your overall health.

Invest in Your Company’s Health

We recognise the fact that a successful organisation needs healthy employees. However, with increasing workloads, deadline-tensions, stress, and other related pressures, it is not just tough, but impossible to stay fit always.

It is imperative for a responsive organisation to appreciate that their employees should always have access to treatment and/or preventive healthcare at an affordable cost.

LECC, therefore, provides various health management plans that are designed with these kinds of companies in mind.

A comprehensive Corporate Health Screening for your company improves overall health of your employees by helping to increase productivity, lowering absenteeism and reducing employee sick leave.

Improve Employee Productivity

Lower health risks, enhanced quality of work and home life, and increased productivity.

Individualise Health Profiles

This is not a one-size-fits-all programme. We tailor our assessment to the individual needs and structure of your company.


The following health assessments are examples of the standard assessments that are usually undergone at LECC, however, these assessments can be appropriately tailored to suit your organisation’s need, or your personal need:

Executive Health Check: Detailed medical history with complete physical examination including prostate examination; Vision and audiometry tests; Lung function test; Baseline pathology laboratory investigations and full blood count; Urinalysis and stool examination; Chest x-ray and abdominal scan; Diabetic screening; Thyroid disease screening and other endocrine glad screenings; Kidney screening prole; Cholesterol checks; Prostrate surface antigen for men; Hepatitis B & C screening; HIV screening (optional); Health advice; Carotid Doppler; 4D ECHO; Stress ECG; Pap smear (women); Mammogram (women); and Breast self examination (women).

Our pre-employment medical check, which can be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs, usually includes physical examination; full blood count; urine test; stool test; and chest x- ray.

Domestic Health Check includes physical examination; urinalysis and stool microscopy tests; genotype; blood group; HIV screening; Hepatitis B; Sputum culture; and Chest x-ray.

Food handlers test for restaurants includes urine test; physical examination; chest-ray and sputum test; stool test; FBC; Widal.

Heart Check: Medical History; Complete physical examination; Urinalysis and Microscopy; Full blood count; 12 Lead resting ECG; Echocardiography; Tests for Diabetes; Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

Diabetic Screening: Medical history; Physical examination; Urinalysis; Fasting blood sugar; 2-hour post prandial sugar; Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HbA1c); Lipid prole; Diet counselling.

Master Check: Medical history; Complete physical examination; Prostate examination; Urine and stool test; Full blood count; Liver function tests; Fasting blood sugar; Cholesterol check; Chest x-ray; Abdominal scan; Prostate surface antigen; Hepatitis B & C screening; HIV screening.

Women’s Check: Medical History; Complete physical examination; Urinalysis and Microscopy; Stool test; Full blood count; Hepatitis B & C screening; Chest x-ray; Mammogram; Resting ECG; Pap smear.

Women’s Quick Check: Cervical smear; Mammogram; Breast self examination.

Pre-nuptial Health Check: Medical History; Complete physical examination; Urinalysis; Full blood count; Genotype and Blood Group; Chest x-ray; Hepatitis B & C screening; HIV screening.


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