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About The Book

Type 2 diabetes can have slow inception, and early signs and symptoms can be confused with signs of stress, a poor diet, or being overweight. This type of diabetes occurs when problems arise in making or using insulin, a hormone that makes it possible for cells to use glucose (also known as blood sugar) for energy.

In a nutshell, type 2 diabetes occurs when the body cannot use glucose properly, which raises the level of glucose in the blood.

The basket of tools to combat diabetes grows each year, and this publication by the Endocrinology Team at Lagos Executive Cardiovascular Centre helps you discover ways to maintain type 2 diabetes.

What’s inside

Chapter 1

Whenever you visit your doctor, make sure you ask the following
– What is my blood sugar goal?
– What other medical problems am I at risk of getting (due to
type 2 diabetes) and why?
– What is the relationship between diabetes and the eyes, feet,
kidneys, nerves, and heart disease?
– When do I need to see a doctor?
Why must I be mindful of the wound on my feet?
– Are there lifestyle changes that might help?
– Do artificial sweeteners cause insulin resistance?
– Are there medications that might help?
– Are my children at increase risk of diabetes? And how can I
protect them from this disease?
– What is the importance of diet in diabetes?




Type 2 diabetes develops over time and can begin any time from childhood onward. It is usually triggered by family history, being overweight, and/or not getting much physical activity. Its treatment usually includes a combination of weight loss (if needed), daily exercise, a healthy diet, and medications.