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Chest pain in both children and teenagers is quite common, and many times, parents have no idea what the cause may be or what do to subsequently. Such pain often causes anxiety both for the children and their caregivers. Some may take their (that is, the child or teenager) breaths away.

The causes of chest pain in this stage of life varies from issues to do with the heart or respiratory or musculoskeletal (joint or muscle strain), inflammation (in, for example, costochondritis) and even rare causes.

If the chest pain occurs at rest, often times, it may not be cardiac related. Such can be treated with pain relievers and very mild meds. However, it is accompanied with sensation in the chest, fast heart rate, fainting, fever, sweating, breathing difficulty, and so on, then immediate medical care is required and an ambulance must be deployed to pick up the child without delay. If it is associated with exercise, then it must also be assessed by a paediatric cardiologist.

A unique type of chest pain that has nothing to do with the heart is called Texidors Twinge. It is often sharp and very intense, and worsened by breathing and moving. It affects healthy children too; and can occur once in a day or several times.