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How Sitting down for a very long time can affect you negatively

Regularly sitting down for a long time can affect your health negatively and many people aren’t still aware of this. Let us take a closer look at what happens to the body when you sit down for a very long time and how it can affect you.

We spend a chunk of our daily lives siting down- whether in schools, workplace, or leisure time when we decide to watch movies to relax. People also now prefer driving to walking even for short distances, in cases where it is also a long distance- we tend to find ourselves in traffic congestions that increase the amount of time we spend sitting in vehicles.

The results of a 2017 Medical study revealed that people who sat for more than 13 hours per day had double the risk of premature death compared to their counterparts spending less than 11 hours seated. Further investigation uncovered an unexpected benefit – breaking up sitting sessions within 30 minutes at a time led to 55% reduced mortality rates, indicating that even short movements can significantly affect long-term health outcomes.

How Sitting Affects Your Health

When our bodies stay in one position for extended periods:

Blood flows down slowly which can lead to decreased oxygen levels in the body and a higher risk of developing blood clots.

The bones also get weaker, and your entire skeletal system can experience adverse effects from prolonged sitting down for too long.

Muscles lose strength and flexibility when used sparingly.

Finally, your body’s ability to process fat reduces, and this can lead to insulin resistance.

How can you then reduce sitting down for long periods?

We generally recommend that these three ways can help you reduce the rate at which you sit for long time:

Take Regular and Short Breaks from Sitting

Taking breaks in between sitting periods can help reduce the effects of a full long time of sitting down. This can range from 5 minutes every hour or two which you can use to walk around. It helps to increase circulation and reduce muscle tension.

Try to move around while on Breaks

When taking breaks or trying to rest and have a nice relaxing time, prioritize moving around a little bit- some general activities can even be done while walking e.g checking your phone mails and social media accounts. You also try going for a walk or bike ride at your leisure time.

Also try to adopt Sitting Exercises

Sitting exercises is another great way to counteract sitting down for long. Doing small exercises like stretches or leg lifts can promote better posture and improved circulation while reducing stress on the body from sitting in one position for extended periods.

In conclusion, regular physical activity will help reduce risk factors and provide other health benefits, such as improved cardiovascular health and overall strength and endurance, which are essential for maintaining good physical health.