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Thrombosis is a serious condition where one or more clots form inside of your blood vessels. When this happens, the clot can block blood flow where it formed, or it can break loose and move to somewhere else in your body. If a moving clot gets stuck in a critical area, this can cause deadly conditions like stroke and heart attack. Thrombosis can occur in the artery or vein (Arterial and Venous Thrombosis).

Risk Factors of thrombosis

Thrombosis can affect any age group but chances increases as one get older. However there are some medical conditions that spikes the chances of developing thrombosis.

Some of those conditions include:

Heart disease
Atrial fibrillation
Complications of Thrombosis

Thrombosis can block the blood flow in both veins and arteries. The most serious problems include stroke, heart attack, and serious breathing problems. Thrombosis can be deadly and life threatening. Managing other health conditions is one sure way of preventing thrombosis

Consult with your cardiologist regularly if you have any underlying heart conditions.

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