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Everything You Need to Know About Kidney Failure

HEALTH & WELLNESS Introduction into Kidney Disease Dr. T.T.A Senior Consultant Nephrologist, LECC, Lagos, Nigeria 01 Nov 2018 Structure of the Kidneys Location: You have two kidneys which are located toward your lower back, on either side of your spine. Posterior...

What is the best exercise for most people?

FITNESS & LIFESTYLE Lagos Executive Cardiovascular Clinic Clinical Team, Lagos, Nigeria 29 September 2018 So, doc, what do I need to do in order to keep fit? Options 1. 10,000 steps a day 2. 10 minutes exercise, thrice-a-day 3. High-intensity exercise 4. High...

Is there a relationship between type 2 diabetes and hypertension?

HEALTH & PREVENTION The Relationship Between Diabetes and Hypertension Dr Folasade Alli, Cardiologist, Lagos 11 September 2018 Having both diabetes and hypertension is incredibly common in Nigeria. A lot of diabetic patients develop hypertension. Amongst the...

Red Wine & The Heart

HEALTH & WELLNESS Red Wine & The Heart: What You Must Know First Sandra Otobo, Public Health, LECC 08 June 2018 Have you ever topped off your glass of cabernet or pinot noir while saying, “Hey, it’s good for my heart, right?”  This widely held impression dates...


HEALTH & WELLNESS Tuberculosis  Sandra Otobo, Public Health Consultant, Nigeria 12 April 2018 Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that usually affects the lungs. Compared with other diseases caused by a single infectious agent, tuberculosis is the second biggest...

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